Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a great outdoor sensorimotor activity for all young kids.  For us in Texas, it’s a bit hot right now for me to use in my sessions, but remains in my bag for the first cooler day.

If it’s hot where you live also, you can move the sidewalk chalk inside by using a large poster board.  Any color is fine, but the chalk may show up better on a black poster board.  For adaptive skills, give the child simple instructions when beginning that they are only to draw in the boundaries of the poster board and not on the floor.  The chalk shouldn’t damage any nearby surfaces, but teaching them the boundaries will help prevent damage if they happen to later repeat the activity with a marker or crayon.

Free drawing is a great way for toddler artists to build their fine motor skills.  Also, the chalk provides sensory input for the kids.  At the Dollar Tree, I found some egg shaped chalk that is great for fine motor.  The egg shape is perfect for small hand that can’t yet form a pencil grip.  It also aligns the fingers in the proper position to help develop a good pencil grip later.

For social bonding with your child, try a tic-tac-toe game or use multiple poster boards to make an indoor hopscotch path for gross motor activity  Cheer them on with each successful try at the game and work on taking turns with them.

Of course, if you don’t live in Texas and don’t feel as though you are on the surface of the sun when you step outside, take the sidewalk chalk outside and enjoy the time in nature.

As always, end the play time with adaptive skill development by having them put the chalk back in it’s container and cleaning up all supplies.

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